1. What is Jelly Yarn®?
Jelly Yarn is a round strand created from 100% waterproof vinyl, not fiber.
We consider the definition of "yarn" a strand of material that can be knit or crocheted.

2. Is Jelly Yarn easy to work with?
Yes, Jelly Yarn is easy to knit or crochet. If your tension is tight, we recommend using metal needles or hooks with a tiny dab of hand salve or hand lotion along the stitches on the knitting needle or on the end of the crochet hook.

3. What is the difference between Fine and Bulky weights?
Fine = 1/16"  Bulky = 1/8"

4. What can you make with Jelly Yarn?
There are many different projects to create with Jelly Yarn® for knitting, crocheting, weaving, amigurumi, etc. Popular handmade accessories include, purses, handbags, belts, jewelry, bracelets, Easter eggs, napkin rings, coral reef anemone, starfish, and even fashions.

5. Do you ship internationally? I don’t see my country listed?
Yes, we ship to Canada and most Europe countries. Please email us at jellyyarnsinfo@3dimillus.com with the details of your order, your city, postal code, and country. We will calculate the shipping and email you postal rates. Invoices for international orders and shipping will be sent through PayPal.

6. Do you accept refunds?
Yes, we accept refunds for unopened / unused Jelly Yarn. If you have a refund issue please email us first before you return your order for return instructions:
Just email us! jellyyarnsinfo@3dimillus.com

7. Can you combine my order and wind more than one ball into a larger ball?
Yes, we can wind multiple balls (about 2-4) of the same color into a large ball for no additional charge.
Just email us! jellyyarnsinfo@3dimillus.com